6 Steps to CECL Compliance

Initial Assessment

Readiness for CECL compliance in terms of processes, data, technology and governance. Estimation of time and effort required to transition from current state to target state.

Methodology & Data Strategy

Mapping various CECL methodologies to pools, inventory of available data & sources, data cleaning and augmentation, plugging data gaps and finally collecting data in a secure data mart for CECL implementation.

CECL Automation

ALLL calculation process automation. Integrated solution features like Data Quality Analysis, Scenario Analysis, Q&E Adjustments, Economic Data, Peer Analysis, Reports, Dashboards, Documentation Support and more.

Reports & Disclosures

Comprehensive Reporting Suite with Dashboards, Data Quality Reports, Operational Reports, Summary & Detailed Calculation Reports, Audit logs and Board Reporting.

Parallel Run & Capital Planning

Performing the ALLL calculation using current as well as CECL methods, comparing provisions & planning for impact on capital. Streamlining data upload & taking proactive steps to improve data quality.

Audit & Examination

Audit and examination of internal controls, processes and governance structure. Audits of documentation, reports and assumptions made for Economic Forecasts and Q&E Adjustments.


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