Is your bank’s loan portfolio data ready to support regulatory needs for CECL, Stress Testing and Concentration Management?

The Rapid Gap Analysis Process (R-GAP) tells you what you must know to fix your credit data today.  A proven expert third-party Credit Data Assessment Service, R-GAP is a comprehensive review of your bank’s current Credit Portfolio Data Management procedures and tools.


  • Gap Analysis of your bank’s current credit data management vs. industry best practices
  • Review of current credit data collection processes as well as status of credit data accessibility and data integrity
  • Custom Action Plan to address efficiency and automation
  • Guidance on data needs in preparation for eventual CECL and Dodd Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) needs

Before you invest in an automated CECL/ALLL or Credit Data Warehouse, know your gaps and follow an action plan to prepare efficiently and effectively.

For all banks, the game is changing, driven by regulatory demands for more data, reporting, disclosures and statistical modeling. The new CECL guidelines for ALLL, expectations around Stress Testing and Capital Planning and a new focus on concentration management, all require more loan portfolio data with faster turnaround.  Spreadsheets and manual calculations will no longer meet your bank’s needs. Argus data experts can assist your bank to proactively prepare for heightened regulatory expectations by ensuring that your current credit data capabilities are sufficient to address CECL and other reporting and analytical needs.  When the time comes for increased regulatory scrutiny, your bank will be ready.


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