Road to MAS 610 Compliance

Initial Assessment and Planning

Readiness for MAS 610 compliance in terms of requirements, processes, data, technology, and governance. Designing an Implementation Road-Map to estimate time and effort required to transition from current state to target state

Methodology and Data Strategy

Identifying the appropriate data sets for MAS 610 reporting, data cleansing and augmentation, plugging data gaps and finally collecting data in a secure data mart for MAS 610 implementation

Detailed Report Assessment

Consolidated report analysis to identify common data pool used across reports, resulting in shorter implementation time

Report Development

Implement or develop reports as per new template requirements using the reporting technology of choice

Going Live

Conduct User Acceptance Test (UAT) on the developed reports and make it available for the business to test and validate the reporting results.

Change Management

Continuous lookout for changes proposed by the regulator and incorporating these changes in the reports, increasing flexibility and ease of use at end user level while striving to make the whole process seamless



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